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What would you do if you woke up on a Saturday to sunshine and warm weather on a February morning? I would take a trip to the beach, but not before dragging four of my friends along with me. To make up for taking up there "sleep-in" day, the first place we stopped was the local coffee shop named Stokey. The minimalist little coffee shop was tucked away in a cute little alleyway decorated with string lights and a small collection of bistro tables. After indulging in our various choices of coffee we spotted a nearby oil and vinegar store.

As we entered in the sunny little store,Vom Fass Ventura, a friendly worker welcomed us to sample a few of their many rich oil and vinegar choices. The samples were so decadent and memorable that some of us even decided to purchase some bottles of oil to take home. With new found energy, and oil, we continued to check out interesting local shops such as, Iron&Resin, and few of the many thrift shops before heading to what Ventura is known for, the beach.

As pulled up to the white sand, we spotted a small bike rental shop located by the local hotel, the Crowne Plaza Ventura Beach. After checking out prices, we decided to rent a four person bike to further explore the well known Surf City. A warning though, the rental bike location forces your group to navigate sharp turns on small paths and step declines. This unexpected difficultly ended up making all of us laugh and put a smile on everybody's faces, even the man in charge of the bikes. After some time biking, we stopped along the  to take in the beautiful veiw and take pictures.




02  /  25  /  2020

We ended our day with some fresh sea food st Beach House Tacos located on the iconic Ventura pier. After eating our delicious tacos overlooking the ocean, we took a stroll out to the end of the pier. We ended our night watching the sunset before jumping back in the car and making the short trip back to Thousand Oaks.

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